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Seaburn Shelter Early Stages Seaburn Shelter Early Stages

January 2015 and the steel works were beginning to take shape.

March 2015 and the roof was being built.

This was an exciting stage of development.  After many months of planning and costing, visible structures were starting to take shape and we could see the vision in reality of our hopes for a new coastal community hub for Sunderland and beyond.

Seaburn Shelter Mid Stages Seaburn Shelter Mid Stages

The arrival of the windows in May was a defining moment for the project.

It took our breath away to be able to see the world from this small spot we had created on the edge of the sea.  We often found ourselves simply absorbed by the view while on site; on both beautifully-sunny days with the light glinting from the wave edges, to the more-familiar sight of grey swathes of water crashing angrily on the shore.  Either way, it reminded us of the importance of a project like this: For existing and new generations to be able to enjoy the natural beauty we have around us in Sunderland.  We’re biased of course, but we think it’s one of the most beautiful coastlines out there.

From this point we saw a steady stream of construction touches and finishes that would help transform the end project into the beautiful space we had envisioned.  From the wooden internal staircases to the stairs sweeping each side of the building, the building’s character was now starting to take shape.

Seaburn Shelter Final Stages Seaburn Shelter Final Stages

October 2015 and we are at the finishing stages of construction.

We are so excited to be able to hand over the keys to our varying tenants and for the building to become the connecting community hub that we had hoped for.

From an office space for the RNLI to an exciting Asian fusion restaurant and bar, the Seaburn Shelter will serve the needs of so many communities and generations.   We are excited to see the seaside cafe and ice cream parlour come to life and are proud to offer state-of-the-art seaside amenities, including disabled showers and even a foot-washing area for little toes filled with sand.

We will very much be watching this space and the excitement, challenges and progress of our tenants as they take this spot and make it their own.